Leaving a legacy

We are enormously grateful to the people who choose to leave a legacy to Music in Hospitals. If you’re someone to whom music has given pleasure, stirred emotions and memories, or given a sense of well being: we need your support, now more than ever, to ensure we can continue to provide these special moments for people who will need them the most. Legacies are especially valuable to us as they help us to make future plans for the development of our service in Scotland.

‘What a pleasure and delight to have such wonderful and talented performers. The difference it made to stroke members with communication difficulties was immense. To see those without spontaneous speech participate with singing spontaneously was a revelation. I can understand the nature and therapeutic benefit of communication through song.’
Voluntary Stroke Service, Kirkcaldy

If you would like more information about how to make provision for Music in Hospitals Scotland in your will, please give our Chief Executive, Florence Burke a call: 0131 556 5848

You can also download our Legacy Information.

The pupils appreciated the chance to see the musicians performing in the old people’s home. This helped them to make the link between raising money for charity and how those funds are actually spent. They all agreed that this was a good cause that the school should continue to try to support when it can.
Class Teacher Frances Hall at St Nicholas School, Broxburn